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And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God. Ephesians 6:17


In 1983, God revealed the next part of the plan. She was to start a ministry where young people could come and be trained to go into the world and teach/preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. God began a work in her that would be a life changer for so many young ministers with a call for ministry on their lives. This ministry would open doors for women that had been closed to them for a long time. God gave her the name Sword of the Spirit, which means: The Word of God Coming out of Your Mouth! She always taught the Sword members that we are a ministry of ministers; in other words, we would not and could not be benchwarmers.

We’ve come a long way from our very humble beginnings. We started in the basement of one of the families who belonged to the church. Then we rented space on Racine, and then we rented another space on Ashland. Then God told our Pastor it was time. He placed the right people in the right place in his perfect time, and we came to this location in 1986. We were able to purchase this property outright, and “owed no man, but to love him”. 

Our Pastor taught us to teach, preach and live the word of God, but also that we must tithe to pay our bills. She let us know often, she was not a cookie-baking, cake-making, chicken dinner-selling kind of preacher. No chicken would lose his life because we needed to pay our bills. Our Pastor, herself, was the biggest giver in the church for many years! She introduced us to some of the finest faith teachers of our time. She had a vision for this ministry, one of high quality and standards.

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